On the official POF website I´d like to introduce myself as a professional drummer, composer, and producer with over 40 years of live and recording experience in the music business.
Trough out my music career I have worked with artists such as Michael Schenker, The Sweet, Eloy, Jack Bruce, Eric Burdon, Gotthardt, Udo Lindenberg, Falco, Pur, Chris Norman, Chris Thompson..... just to mention a few.
I played on over 300 Albums more than a thousand trailers, composed and released over 700 songs, and produced over 50 Albums. Also work for Warner Chapell Library music, Sonoton and Universal music.
I still work as a session drummer, if you need drums check out my homepage: sardegnaproductionmusic




my Bandhistory:
1974-1976 – Quasi Modo Geniti (my first band with regular gigs)
1976-1982 – The Maximum Party Band ( a eleven peace soul and funk band playing in Army bases)
1982-1983 – Wolfhound (a Soloprojekt from the bass player Wolfgang Schmid, ex-Passport)
1983-1985 – Gammarock (the original back up band from Ike and Tina Turner)
1985 - Falco (I played the first Falco Tour Rock me, Amadeus)
1986 - Eric Burdon
1986-1991 – The Mc Auley Schenker Group
1992 - Juicy Lucy, The Sweet
1993 - Udo Lindenberg
1994-2013 – Eloy
2001 - Pur, Hartmut Engler Solo
2007 - Michael Schenker Group
2013 - Jack Bruce
2014 - Pendulum of Fortune
my Endorser:
PAISTE Cymbals since 1985, Kit Tools Sticks.

I still play my PREMIER drums custom made from the year 2000, my Ludwig snare drums from 1967, and my 1971th DW drums foot pedals. 

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