Franky R.

On the official POF website I´d like to introduce myself as a professional bass and guitar player with over 30 years of live and recording experience in the Rock 'n' Roll business.
Trough out my music career I have worked with major recording artists such as: LANCELOT, JUICY LUCY, §51, VANDEN PLAS, DIO, MOTÖRHEAD, SHORTINO, KINGDOME COME, DREAMCATCHER.... just to mention a few.
In 2007 I have been playing with the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP a sold out Worldtour touring Japan, Ukraine, Russia, USA, England (Co-Headlining with the SCORPS) and Ireland.








Empire (guitar), Wells Fargo (guitar), Lancelot (bass), Juicy Lucy (bass), Paragraph 51 (bass), Vanden Plas (bass), Shortino (bass), Grazy Train-Ozzy Coverband (guitar), E-Pigs (guitar), Dreamcatcher (bass), High-Fish (guitar), Leeway D. (bass), MSG (bass), ELLIOT (bass), Devil´s Train (bass), SRAINED (bass), TNT - AC/DC Tribute Band (bass), Pendulum of Fortune (bass).

Guitars and Basses:

Dean Michael Amott Tyrant Bloodstorm, Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Plus Bullseye, ESP Explorer, Hohner Flying V, Jay H. Bernard Akkustik.

3 x Dean Edge pro 4 strings, 2 x Dean Edge pro 5 strings, 2 x Ibanez SDGR 4 strings, 2 x Sandberg Electra VS4 4 strings, 1 x ESP 5 strings


Amps & Cabinets:

1 x H+K Bassforce XXL / 400 Watt, 1 x H+K Quantum Basscabinet cased / 8 x 10", 1 x Ampeg Basscabinet cased / 8 x 10", 2 x Ampeg SVT-7 Pro Bass Head, 1 x Ampeg Micro-CL Stack
Sandberg, Ampeg, GHS Strings, Jay H. Guitars, Die Tätowiererei, EMG Pickups

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